Draconian magic is liberating and illuminating but it is also a part of the Left Hand Path which in its essence is dark, antinomian, and destructive. Legendary dragons are fearful beasts lurking beyond the world known to man, representing chaos and darkness existing outside the structured Universe. They dwell on the fringes of civilization, guarding the gateways to the Unknown, to the unfathomed depths of cosmic space where worlds and dimensions are filled with terrors and abominations. This is the boundary between life and death itself. Draconian magic opens us to all these horrors that are hidden in the Dark and unseen to the eyes of the ignorant. By stepping onto the Path of the Dragon we enter this Primal Darkness. There we have to look with Dragon’s Eyes and light up the Path with Dragon’s Fire.
Asenath Mason, “The Path of the Dragon” in The Way of the Serpent
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